AES ® Associated Energy Services

what we do

AES operates, maintains and manages energy & utility plant on behalf of industrial users across various industries throughout South Africa. AES’s outsourced operations include the takeover of existing energy & utility operations, as well as upgrades to or new-build energy plant operations.



Our Services

AES operates boilers (steam generators) and other utility plant (compressed air, water treatment, chilled water) to generate and supply steam and services to its industrial client-partners for subsequent use in their production processes. AES formulate bespoke solutions involving the takeover of existing boilers & utility plant installations, upgrading of existing facilities or installation of new equipment, including the subsequent operation thereof and the supply of steam & services. Various investment funding and ownership options can be applied to reduce the capital cost for potential client partners.

The generation and supply of steam have been and is likely to remain the significant portion of the AES business offering.

AES can operate and maintain equipment for the provision of numerous other energy streams for supply to partner client operations.

AES has experience and capabilities in the management of various industrial services, for e.g chiller plant etc.

A key differentiator and focus for AES in the delivery of its services, as well as the development of client solutions; is the application of technology.

Solution Development
AES is unconstrained in the detailed evaluation, development and sourcing of solutions for each specific client partner requirement.

AES ranks as one of the few energy plant Operations and Maintenance (O&M) companies in South Africa with first-hand experience in operating a renewable power generating plant in South Africa.

Boiler Rental
AES has access to boilers that are available for short to medium term rental if your steam plant is short of capacity or your boiler is offline for extended repair. AES can be contacted for your specific rental requirements and a proposal will be provided to address your needs.

Extensive and Proven

Plant Operations & Maintenance Expertise


Our Expertise

AES focuses on optimisation of the full steam & utility system to improve reliability & efficiency. Operational expertise, prior experience and in-house skilled resources are applied by AES to offer its client partners guaranteed operating efficiencies and minimum performance levels (availability, quality of supply). This ensures that risks associated with the provision of steam & utilities are diminished, with AES held accountable for delivering a reliable, quality supply into its client partner’s processes. AES provides extensive boiler training and utility training to its staff, thus AES’s outsourced services mitigate the need for Client Partners to have their own staff and to carry the responsibility and risk associated with 3rd party boiler training.

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    Multinational Confectionery Manufacturer

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Our Clients

AES serves numerous client-partners across various industries with varying operational and service requirements.  AES prides itself on developing a high-value partnering relationship with its client partners. To achieve this, AES acknowledges that each client, each site and each client’s specific requirements are  entirely different and seeks to listen, understand and address this particular aspect in a bespoke partnership offering.

We service clients in the following industries.

Food & Beverage

Pulp & Paper



Plastics & Rubber

Industrial Manufacturing



Regional Management

AES headquarters are in Cape Town with regional operations in; the Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth), Gauteng (Johannesburg), Kwa-Zulu Natal (Pinetown) and the Western Cape (Cape Town). Currently over 300 staff are employed which includes numerous technical personnel, befitting the nature of its business activities; including various engineers and engineering technicians of varying disciplines.