Project 3

Project 3

Bulk Storage Facility (part of leading Multinational SA trading and services company)

Following a number of years of receiving the steam supply for its operations from an adjacent factory steam generation plant, AES approached this client with a proposal for the operation of its own dedicated steam generation facility on its site. The proposal included the development of a suitable design to accommodate a new coal-fired boilerhouse with the ancillary plant in between the bulk storage tanks on its tank farm. The client’s decision to consider its own facility was based on the risk associated with the supply of steam from a third party and the significant cost associated with the steam supply.

The space constraints for development of a suitable boilerhouse installation were very significant, and in addition to this, the site faced very stringent emissions limits, licensing requirements and fire department approvals. AES undertook the design of the boiler house and handled all project interactions with the relevant authorities to obtain necessary operating permits and planning approvals. This included the engagement of a consultant to undertake background emission monitoring to determine the emissions baseline for the area, followed by Tier 2 emission modelling and the engagement with the relevant authorities on the findings of the modelling, the design, specifications & format of the plant, as well as the maintenance and operating practices to be employed by AES during steam operations in order to mitigate emissions from the site.

The project included design and construction of new boiler house, as well as installation and commissioning of 1 off 10 ton per coal-fired the boiler, coal transfer system, submerged ash system, bag filter, as well as the integration of the condensate return system and cooling system for blowdown water. The boiler house was constructed with two levels with the hotwell and a coal storage hopper on the second level above the boiler. AES’s control system was customized to wirelessly control condensate return from a remote tank on the site as well as to control the cooling system for the blowdown water for before disposal through the site’s effluent system.

Following commissioning, AES has been operating the steam generation facility and ancillaries to provide the client’s steam requirements.