Project 2

Project 2

Multinational Confectionery Manufacturer

This client previously received steam from an electrode boiler and two heavy fuel oil fired boiler. After many proposals, AES was engaged for the revamp of the existing boiler house facility and the construction of a new boiler house section to house a coal-fired boiler with ancillaries. The site had a limit on available space and in addition, AES’s client, a multinational company, imposed international emission limits on the project. Being a food manufacturing site, the project required a coal receiving and storage facility that was enclosed in the boiler house building to eliminate dust concerns.

AES developed a proposal involving the construction of a multi-tiered boiler house structure to accommodate the stack, hotwell, ID fan and bag filter on a reinforced boiler house roof structure above the boiler. This project enabled AES to reduce emissions from the plant (visible emissions, SOx and particulate) through the change of fuel and operation of a bag filter. The change in technology also provided a significantly reduced steam cost, whilst reducing operational risk by eliminating reliance on the electrode boiler (unreliable electrical supply) and significantly repairing and optimizing the standby heavy fuel oil boilers.

Project included the design and construction of new boiler house and enclosed coal bunker, as well as installation and commissioning of 1 off 20 ton per hour coal-fired boiler, coal transfer system, submerged ash system, bag filter, feed water system and HFO boiler upgrade and stack replacements.

Following commissioning, AES has been operating the steam generation facility and ancillaries to provide the client’s steam requirements.