Contract Energy Management

Contract Energy Management

Associated Energy Services (AES) has a track record spanning three decades in the Contract/Outsourced Energy Management (CEM) market. AES became the local market leader in combustion based Contract Energy Management following its initial pioneering work done on the concept of outsourced energy plant operation with specific focus on steam generation and supply. Since 1996, AES has steadily grown its client base to include numerous multinational and corporate clients covering a broad spectrum of industries including food, textile, metal, paper, timber, chemical and para-statal sectors, covering supply of various energy formats.  As such, AES has operated numerous energy installations for the supply of steam, thermal oil, hot air/gas and electricity to its client base.

AES has developed in-house management systems covering the key areas of energy plant operation. These include a Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for operations monitoring, as well as staffing, operations & efficiency, maintenance, environmental and occupational health & safety management systems.
Through the application of these processes, AES is able to provide value where energy plant operation and management skill sets are lacking. Critical CEM deliverables from AES include safety, efficiency, emissions control, quality energy supply, availability of energy supply and cost effectiveness of energy supply.  AES’s pricing methodology incorporates a guaranteed efficiency, thus transferring the risk and operational responsibility related to fuel consumption from the client to AES. The Client is then responsible only for efficient utilisation of the energy stream in its processes as this will drive the Client’s actual energy consumption.

AES offers CEM services to existing energy plant operations, or can fund, install and operate greenfield energy plant installations under a CEM contract.
AES assume full responsibility for staffing, management, maintenance and control of the energy plant on behalf of the Client. AES charge the Client on the basis of a Fixed Monthly Charge and a unit energy charge which is applied to the Client’s monthly energy consumption. The consumption of energy is measured and the Client is billed for actual energy usage. All costs associated with energy generation are borne by AES. AES applies its high level, high value energy engineering & management personnel across all energy operations.

The main focus for AES is Partnership with its Client and Value Delivery.

Dennis Williams is the current Commercial Director with over 14 years of service at AES, having been involved as a project engineer, new business development manager and marketing and commercial director in his tenure.