12 Jun 2019

AES and greening your steam supply through outsourcing…

Please have a look at the feature article on AES in the May/June 2019 African Mining Brief, on AES, its business and greening your steam supply through its outsourced energy management model … https://issuu.com/ambriefonline/docs/amb_may_-_june_2019_-_digital
17 Apr 2018

Greening the boiler and steam outsourcing market

Associated Energy Services (AES) has at the heart of its values the need to add value through its activities. The focus being a partnership centric approach in delivering client industrial energy needs through an outsourced energy operation. This however, is simply the broader format of engagement through which AES seeks to be a value adding entity and participant in the greater economy. In all of its activities there is a mind-set of continuous improvement and this carries through to its […]
15 Mar 2018

Carbon Tax Hearings in Parliament

The hearings into the proposed carbon tax bill took place on the 13th March 2018 at Parliament and in general the main feedback received centered on concerns that business competitiveness, production prices and employment numbers would all be impacted negatively in the currently proposed format.  General consensus is that since electricity generation accounts for roughly half of SA’s greenhouse gas emissions and is exempt in the initial phase of roll out, the Integrated Resource Plan for electricity and a carbon […]
19 Feb 2018

Carbon Tax…a summary of where things are currently at!

Industry awaits further clarity on the future with regard to Carbon Tax in SA.  A great summary is given in this commentary piece by Zelda Burchell of Cova Advisory & Associates. See her commentary here…
12 Jan 2018

Carbon Tax Bill Revised Draft – Participation Needed

I believe that industry participation is critical in order to ensure that the proposed Carbon Tax legislation for South Africa is relevant and applicable to operations in the South African market place.  The revised draft of the Carbon Tax bill issued for public comment in late December 2017, certainly provides greater definition to areas that were rather rudimentary in the earlier draft/s, however industry needs to ensure that the opportunities presented in the legislative process, allowing stakeholder input are utilised […]
7 Dec 2017

Efficiency and its impact on carbon emissions….

Efficient industrial process energy plant operation by AES is a key part of its client partnerships…here’s why. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6344492532898111488