29 Jul 2016

Stay engaged with AES and what we do!

To keep updated with what we are doing, what views we have on events and developments impacting energy and the energy landscape, including boiler plant operations, energy management, steam outsourcing and the like, make sure to visit our LinkedIn page.  Have a look at the link attached describing more on our focus areas and capabilities.  http://www.linkedin.com/company/aes-pty-ltd/comments?topic=6163224343800270848&type=U&scope=750567&stype=C&a=R1N4 
20 Oct 2016

Skills Shortage & Training

South Africa like many countries around the globe is struggling with a shortage of key skills.  A compounding factor in SA is the low interest and associated performance of learners with regard to mathematics and science in general.  This has seen many businesses put untrained staff and in some case unsuited staff into technically challenging roles simply because alternatives are not available.  Many of AES’s client partners previously engaged with boiler training and utility training service providers to try and […]
27 Oct 2016

Carbon Tax Update

In the absence of any recent commentary from Government on the implementation of the proposed Carbon Tax regime from 1st January 2017, we find some Government mention of this, if only in passing, in the MTBPS delivered by Pravin Gordhan yesterday evening. “Given the demands on the legislative programme, the carbon tax bill will be dealt with in 2017. Consultations on this and the proposed sugar tax are continuing.” https://www.biznews.com/budget/2016/10/26/full-mini-budget-2016-speech/ This seems to be the most definitive confirmation of the […]
23 Feb 2017

Update on Carbon Tax

Durng the introduction of the new national Budget by Minister Pravin Gordhan yesterday, there has thankfully been formal mention of the proposed Carbon Tax and its implementation.  The carbon tax was previously scheduled for introduction on 1st January 2017. As expected there are key areas requiring address and finalisation before implementation, not least of which is the Carbon Offset mechanism and regulations to allow emitters of CO2 to reduce their carbon tax bill through financial support of approved domestic green […]
25 Apr 2017

Shale Gas and the Impact on Local and National Stakeholders

An information sharing briefing is scheduled for today to reveal insights from the Department of Mineral resources on the impacts of shale gas.  This follows the recent announcement by government that the shale gas exploration programme was approved and will commence.  It remains to be seen whether the process will add a new fuel type into the country’s energy mix and how it will reach the industrial energy marketplace that can benefit from having a lower carbon fuel as an […]
12 Jul 2017

Is the much touted Gas Economy on its way?

View the article here –  https://lnkd.in/gPDsDeJ