Core Capabilities


In the delivery of AES’s services to its client-partners, AES leverage’s various strengths and capabilities to provide an integral and comprehensive service offering related to energy and utilities.

Due to the diverse nature of industries that use steam and utilities, AES are able to provide a flexible, considered, efficient and tailored offer or solution to its client-partners. As such AES provides services that can be broadly categorized as follows:

As a result of many years of industry experience, AES have highly well-skilled staff and work structures.

As a company focused on delivering service and expertise in an engineering dominated field, it goes without saying that AES has significant engineering capabilities and capacity.

The quality and characteristics of fuel for AES’s energy operations are a critical input into AES’s operations.

AES has undertaken various energy and utility related project developments and have executed various installations from conceptualisation to final commissioning of the plant.

Strategic Input
With an increasing focus on the impact of non-cost factors on the performance of businesses, a requirement has arisen from business partners to receive more than merely good services at a competitive prices.

Research & Development
AES remains committed to the advancing of its skills, business processes and solution awareness. To do so, AES hosts an in-house Research & Development (R&D) unit.

Extensive and Proven

Plant Operations & Maintenance Expertise


Regional Management

AES headquarters are in Cape Town with regional operations in; the Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth), Gauteng (Johannesburg), Kwa-Zulu Natal (Pinetown) and the Western Cape (Cape Town). Currently over 300 staff are employed which includes numerous technical personnel, befitting the nature of its business activities; including various engineers and engineering technicians of varying disciplines.