AES has undertaken numerous energy and utility related projects and executed various installations from conceptualisation to final commissioning of the plant. The primary focus of the Projects division within AES is to develop and deliver projects for existing, as well as solutions and projects for potential client-partners; where following the execution of the project, AES would be contracted as the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) partner for the upgraded or new facility.

Over the last five years, AES has completed projects totalling over R100 Million.

The majority of AES’s projects have been complete turn-key packages whereby AES has designed, installed and commissioned plant relocations, brownfield upgrades and greenfield projects.

AES focuses on industrial energy and utilities plants nationally, having more recently managed projects such as the installation of fuel storage and fuel handling systems, emission abatement installations including multicyclone grit arrestors along with bagfilters, boiler control system upgrades and utility installations for industry leaders in various industrial sectors.

AES has undertaken work covering the following:

  • Boiler & steam projects involving new or refurbished boiler installations
  • Fuel handling, storage & ash system installations or upgrades
  • Water treatment, water softeners and reverse osmosis plants
  • Steam turbine refurbishment and power generation solutions
  • Liquid and gas fuel generator power solutions
  • Biomass-fired energy plant
  • Emission abatement plant upgrades and installations including grit arrestors, baghouses and
  • Compressor Installations.

  • Project 1

    Project 1

    Multinational Tyre Manufacturer

    AES was engaged in developing, project-managing, installation and commissioning of a new boilerhouse facility for the supply…

  • Project 2

    Project 2

    Multinational Confectionery Manufacturer

    This client previously received steam from an electrode boiler and two heavy fuel oil fired boilers and…

  • Project 3

    Project 3

    Bulk Storage Facility

    Following a number of years of receiving the steam supply for its operations from an adjacent factory…

  • Project 4

    Project 4

    Beverage Manufacturer

    Initial engagement AES had with this client centered on their interest in purchasing two new boilers for…

Each project is always supported through its closest representing regional office. Some of these projects have required creative engineering solutions in order to manage challenging constraints such as space, timing and even the most stringent municipal regulations and bylaws. In addition some projects have been fulfilled through AES offering capital investment as part of an Operations & Maintenance Management (O&M) contract centred around two options:

  • Plant leased for duration of O&M services, or
  • Plant purchased over O&M term via O&M service pricing

The benefits of AES undertaking projects for client partners centres on the experience, track record and insight that AES have to the operation and maintenance of these types of a plant under “real world” conditions and the approaches required to make sure the plant is suitable for operation once commissioned. The fact that AES operates the plant after installation under a service level agreement (SLA), also ensures that AES will specify, design and install plants that ensure that partner client requirements are satisfied, as AES will be accountable for the delivery of energy and utilities from the plant under the O&M SLA.