Research and Development


Research and Development

AES remains committed to the advancing of its collective skills, business processes and solution awareness. To do so, AES offers its own in-house Research & Development (R&D) function. The aim is to ensure that AES identifies new technology applications in its area of business operations, as well as undertake research into challenges it finds in its current operations and systems.

Where new or improved technologies are recognised, they are vetted through research, engineering analysis and systems modelling. The aim being to determine the applicability of the technology to a current or potential opportunity within the AES client-partner portfolio.

This analysis, amongst others, focuses on; the cost of the solution, the operational cost of the solution, inputs & outputs, legal context (compliance with legislation), the risk associated with the technology (proven / novel), plant reliability and overall cost of the output from the system.

Based on this analysis, AES R&D can provide input;  to the AES business development and marketing presentation to roll out the solution for a particular client-partner, to oversee the rollout of the solution into existing AES operations, or to identify follow-up research that will provide a better solution for the opportunity identified.

This expertise and insight are to the benefit of our client-partners, as this is an ongoing internal development function within AES, filtering through to existing client operations as and when applicable. This is at no service cost to them, as this is integral to our partnering arrangement.