Strategic Input


Strategic Input

With an increased focus on the impact of non-cost factors on the performance of businesses, a requirement has arisen for business partners to provide more than merely a good service at a competitive price. AES therefore seeks to offer a true high value, strategic focused service to its client-partners. It goes without saying that the cost per productive output for AES’s services must be competitive. Concurrently, the value of AES’s strategic insights into the provision of energy and utility services allow its client-partners to better understand the costs of these services to its business.

With the focus shifting to include sustainability, corporate citizenship and risk management within most organisations, AES has identified an approach to its service relationship with its clients that seeks to be a symbiotic partnership.

AES positions itself as the “go to” partner for all matters pertaining to energy and utility use; sharing its resources and expertise in the management thereof with its client-partners.

AES uses its remote monitoring system (RMS), internal surveillance activities and management systems to ensure that operational data points are developed and analysed to deliver accurate knowledge to its client partners for the improvement and optimisation of the energy and utility functions of their business.

Reduced emissions, reduced resource utilisation, delivery on strategic client objectives are just some of the areas where AES seeks to be a trusted partner.