Meet the team

meet the team

The greatest resource and asset within the AES business is its staff. The tireless efforts of each every member of the AES team is required to deliver on the service that each client-partner expects. AES therefor focus on the selection, training, development and retention of its staff, as this is essential to ensuring that the close-knit culture of AES as a business continues, concurrently in order that staff find AES to be an employer of choice.

By focusing on training and development, staff are aware of the integral role they all play in the delivery of the service promised by the AES business. As the front line interface with our client-partners, the AES brand is in the hands of each and every team member on a daily basis. The offering of growth and development opportunities within the greater business has seen many staff rise through the ranks, and participate in delivering service and growth across the country, often choosing relocation to different regional offices to support growth on new client-partner sites.

AES additionally takes it compliance with its employment equity and training obligations very seriously. To this end, significant expenditure is invested in training, by internal and external facilitators, as well as to the promotion of gender equality through the integration of women into the industrial operations environment.

Offering support and strategic insight into the overall business, the following management with many years of experience, are responsible for ongoing management of the various business structures.



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