Although steam supply forms a significant part of AES’s business, AES can operate and maintain equipment for the provision of numerous other energy streams for supply to client-partner operations. This includes heated thermal oil, hot air, hot flue gas, hot water and electricity. These energy streams are credited on a usage basis, and are billed according to particular units of measure e.g. MWth, kWh, m3, etc. Furthermore, the energy plant can be combustion based or waste heat recovery based. 

AES has extensive experience in the generation and supply of electricity, having run a biomass fuelled power station on a sawmill for nine years. The plant was based on 20 bar superheated steam supply to a set of steam turbines with a generation capacity of 6 MWe. AES was responsible for complete management of the plant; including the dispatch of electricity onto the client-partner’s busbars, overhauls and maintenance of the generation plant & switchgear.

AES has additionally participated in various stages of the private sector power generation bid rounds under the auspices of ESKOM. As part of this process AES developed technical solutions, project costing models and bid submissions. AES also gained insight into the requirements for grid connection compliance, Power purchase agreement (PPA) terms & requirements, as well as performance compliance requirements by project developers.