Solution Development


Solution Development

AES does not formally align itself with any particular technology provider. The reason for this is to ensure that AES’s focus is on its client-partner’s particular and specialist requirements. The development of an integrated solution for the best benefit profile for its client-partners, thus requires that AES be unconstrained in the evaluation, development and sourcing of solutions for the specific client-partner’s requirements.

AES has developed numerous integrated energy plant configurations covering steam and other utilities. AES’s solution development involves a review of process conditions, available technologies (both proven and novel), available resources (fuel, water, beneficiation opportunities) and after that, the development of plant configurations and the assessment thereof in terms of cost, reliability and operating factors, before selecting options for review with its client-partner.

There is no doubt that wherever AES has lead the solution development, the client-partner approach has resulted in great success. Simply taking a look at some of our projects done helps one fully appreciate this.

AES has undertaken complete turnkey installations, followed by Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of utility installations for many of its client-partners. The scope can range from a boiler upgrade, to a reverse osmosis plant, through to a full turnkey steam generation facility with multiple boilers, Genset and emission abatement plant. This is all done on a total project management basis. As part of these activities, AES is responsible for acquiring licensing permissions and other legal and operational compliance and certification.

AES offers a totally integrated service for the development of industrial process energy / utility systems.