The generation and supply of steam has and is likely to remain a significant portion of the AES business, with a growing portion of other utility management offered too. Steam is largely utilised in industrial production processes due to its ability to deliver large amounts of energy in a very controlled manner. The suitability of steam for reticulation around a production plant with minimal losses makes it an ideal source of energy where required temperature is typically less than +-240 degC.

AES has experience generating and supplying both Low Pressure (saturated) and High Pressure (Saturated & Superheated) steam formats. AES has operational and maintenance on most types of equipment and fuel types for the generation of steam, including those using coal, biomass, gas and liquid fuels.

AES will review existing or new facility requirements and will identify opportunities for optimisation, including investment opportunities for plant upgrades and will then provide the potential client-partner with a proposal detailing the supply of steam from an operation with AES O& M services. The value add delivered by AES is based on guaranteed operating efficiencies, committed plant availability and reduced operational risk profiles due to the application of AES experience via its trained operations staff and monitoring & management procedures.

Since pricing for the supply of steam is accepted before AES commences O&M operations, the efficiency to be achieved by AES is guaranteed. If AES does not achieve the guaranteed efficiency; this has no cost impact on the client-partner, as AES pays for any additional fuel used, charging only for the price of steam as contracted to.