A key focus for AES in the delivery of its services, as well as the development of client solutions, is the application of technology. AES is not affiliated with any specific technology or solution providers; done so in order to enable the consideration of all available technologies when formulating the best solution to suit its client-partner’s requirements. 

Through its R&D activities, AES continually assesses optimisation of currently established techniques to improve their performance or efficiency, while at the same time evaluating new technologies for the application in existing steam, energy or utility supply processes.

AES has evaluated numerous technologies related to combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, fermentation, power generation, power storage, waste heat recovery, fuel preparation, emission abatement and energy storage processes. Key aspects when considering these technologies is vetting claimed results, identifying performance limitations, understanding costs and reviewing track record of the technology, which in some cases involves visits to existing plant. AES applies this vast experience of technologies to the solutions offered to client-partners in its O&M partnerships.

In house AES has also developed its own individual boiler control systems with Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for operational data tracking (steam, energy, utilities) to enable remote viewing of operating data, trending and graphing, as well as manipulation of the data analysis purposes. This RMS tool provides an invaluable real-time insight into the generation and use of steam and other utilities for AES and its client-partners. This contributes to significantly to optimisation of the production and usage processes.