What we do

what we do

AES provides an all-inclusive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) solution to its client-partners whereby AES carries complete responsibility for the operation, maintenance and management of boilers or other utility plants. The client-partner draws steam or utilities directly from the plant managed by AES, all of which are metered and charged monthly by AES.

AES provides all staffing (operations, maintenance, technical, procurement), all maintenance (routine, breakdown, statutory), all fuel, water, electricity and other associated consumables, as well as associated technical management input (plant optimisation, trouble shooting, efficiency management) and ancillary services (SHE, waste disposal etc.).

The entire boiler house or utility plant becomes the responsibility of AES, whereby AES is contracted on the foundation of explicitly agreed to deliverables, including supply availability, supply quality and guaranteed efficiency of generation. Having a single point of responsibility ensures that AES is fully accountable for its performance under the partnership agreement as well as all the factors that impact on providing minimised steam or utility supply risk to the client-partner’s plant.

AES has substantial in-house skills that are available to be used to the client’s steam or utility reticulation and production facilities concerning steam or utility use and reticulation optimisation. AES can be contracted to undertake energy audits and plant surveys to review the current usage of steam or utilities and to make recommendations on adjustments to reduce risk, cost or consumption thereof.

AES has an extensive project and engineering capabilities and has undertaken numerous greenfield and brownfield projects for the installation of boilers and associated ancillaries. AES will develop and engineer the best solution for the specific requirements of its client-partner’s process, site and demand profile and will execute from project initiation to final handover. The primary benefit of using AES to implement project installations is that AES will operate the plant after that and is thus contractually bound to ensure the facility meets the required outputs and efficiencies regarding its supply partnership deliverables to its client-partners.

Extensive and Proven

Plant Operations & Maintenance Expertise


Company Information

Associated Energy Services Pty Ltd (AES) operated as a division of a fuel and energy company for a period of seven years before it got involved in contract energy management (CEM) with particular application to the outsourcing of steam generation plant. In 1996 it was decided to form a separate company to concentrate on the contract energy side of the business and as a result AES was incorporated.

History Timeline


  • AES celebrates successful completion of its re-certification audit for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 systems, as well as the transition audit to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


  • AES celebrates 20 years since its establishment as a dedicated energy Operations and Maintenance (O&M) service provider.With 28 client sites under its management, the group has in excess of 300 staff members focused on delivering value to its client partners.


  • AES secures an O&M agreement with a multinational FMCG manufacturer to manage all site utilities including steam generation, compressed air, demineralisation plant, chilled and chlorinated water supply, waste water treatment and rain harvesting at a brand new world class plant in Johannesburg. At the same period AES undertakes the implementation of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) on the utility plant.


  • AES undertakes two large boiler installation projects in the Port Elizabeth area and secures the ongoing O&M contracts for operation of the plant and supply of steam to its client partners. The clients are both major multinational companies, one being a tyre manufacturer and the other a food product manufacturer.


  • AES gains agreement from a national paper products manufacturer to pilot its O&M model at their Wadeville corrugator operation. The project is a success and is subsequently rolled out to three of its corrugator plants and two of its tissue mills.


  • AES begins what will become a nine year O&M presence on a sawmill power station in the Southern Cape. AES managed 6 boilers (HP & LP steam) as well as 6 MWe of steam turbine capacity, utilising biomass as fuel.


  • Management buyout of AES is undertaken, with Head Office relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Business is realigned with strong focus on extending coverage from steam operations to include utility and power generation and supply activities.


  • AES secures two of its largest contracts to that point. The first involves operations management of a hospital for Department of Health Western Cape, including three off coal-fired boilers and four off oil fired boilers. At the same time, AES secures a project and O&M contract to install and operate two high pressure superheated coke oven gas fired boilers at a coke oven operation in Pretoria.


  • Associated Energy Services (Pty) Ltd (AES) is established to focus on the O&M activities that had been undertaken in the holding company at that time. The aim was to focus solely on O&M activities.

AES Certification

AES are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. This demonstrates the ongoing commitment to the delivery of quality, safe and reliable services. With a strong focus on systems and optimisation, AES continually seeks ways to improve value add and mitigate risk and its certification ensures that it maintains a focus on achieving, benchmarking and optimising its processes and activities.