why AES

AES is one of the early pioneers of contracted Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities in the steam and boiler industry in South Africa, with numerous successful supply arrangements for management of boilers and the sale of steam to its client partners. AES is currently the largest provider of steam supply via an O&M contracting model in South Africa with in excess of 25 client operations under its management (as at April 2017), that include generation and supply of steam from coal, liquid fuels, biomass and gas, as well as the management and supply of numerous utility plants including heated water, chilled water, thermal oil, compressed air and treated water facilities.

AES has a national footprint with significant resources offered through four of its operational locations across South Africa which provide a solid base from which to support potential client partners across the country. AES focuses very heavily on the skills of its staff and prides itself on having the best personnel on its teams across all levels and disciplines within the business. This foundation forms the backbone of the AES business and its partnership approach to its operations on client sites.

AES’s culture is one of humility, honesty and service. The partnerships which AES seeks to make with every new client-partner are intended to be for the long term and to do so, AES operates with professional integrity while providing added value and service that can be trusted. To date AES has maintained a flat and accessible management structure, and this ensures that personnel on all levels are participative, available and hands on in delivering service and fostering strong relations with its client-partners.

AES Core Values

At AES we are passionate about the role we fulfil in the outsourced services industry, doing so with;





Core Values:
Track Record:
Systems & Procedures:

The foundation for AES’s service at all of its sites is focused on formulating a unique partnership with its clients. AES purchases all fuels, manages the provision of staffing and all consumables and technically oversees the operation and maintenance of the plant too. A great win is that AES manage efficiencies and availabilities for the plant, and will include availability commitments in its service level agreement (SLA) settled upon. The basis of the SLA is transparent and mutually beneficial adding to the firm foundation for the partnership between both parties.

AES through its national and regional teams offer an extensively resourced operation, with well-trained management, artisans and operations staff, which provide a pool of resources from which AES can support the provision of steam generation services. AES currently manages in excess of 25 operations nationally and as such is well positioned to extend its technical management services to your site.

The benefits included in partnership with AES are:


Guaranteed deliverables and performance as defined in Service Level Agreement, including guaranteed operating efficiencies and plant availability,


Mitigated operational risk through the application of AES’s experience on steam and utility plant operations,


Provision of highly skilled management, maintenance and operations staff ensuring that best practice standards for steam / utility plant operation, management, maintenance and safety are met,


Access to a significant resource pool within AES both regionally and nationally to support client site based operational and maintenance services,


Access to AES’s extensive in-house management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 compliant) and technology applications including its Remote Monitoring System (RMS),


Provision of future optimisation expertise on the steam and boiler installation,


Assurance of AES’s significant track record in the energy and growing utility operations industry, as an established and well managed entity that is well respected in industry for its skill and business approach,


AES’s input on strategic considerations and developments related to steam or utilities including commercial / market, technology and legislative changes.

AES Certification

AES are ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certified. This demonstrates the ongoing commitment to the delivery of quality, safe and reliable services. With a strong focus on systems and optimisation, AES continually seeks ways to improve value add and mitigate risk and its certification ensures that it maintains a focus on achieving, benchmarking and optimising its processes and activities.