Our Services

As a result of AES’s experience, skills, operational & project track record, AES has focused its activities in the provision of very specific services to its target market. All of the activities of AES centre on its core business focus of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of plant and equipment and the supply of a measurable output to its client-partners (e.g. steam or other utilities).

Due to the diverse nature of industries that would be using steam and utilities, AES needs to able to provide a flexible, considered, efficient and tailored offer or solution to its client-partners. As such AES provides services that can be broadly categorised as follows:

The generation and supply of steam has been and is likely to remain a significant portion of the AES business offering.

AES can operate and maintain equipment for the provision of numerous other energy streams for supply to partner client operations.

AES has experience and capabilities in the management of various industrial services, for e.g chiller plat etc.

A key focus for AES in the delivery of its services, as well as the development of client solutions, is the application of technology.

Solution Development
AES is unconstrained in the detailed evaluation, development and sourcing of solutions for the specific client partner requirements.

AES ranks as one of the few energy plant Operations and Maintenance (O&M) companies in South Africa with the first-hand experience of operating renewable power generating plant in South Africa.

Extensive and Proven

Plant Operations & Maintenance Expertise


Regional Management

AES headquarters are in Cape Town and has regional operations in the Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth), Gauteng (Johannesburg), Kwa-Zulu Natal (Pinetown) and the Western Cape (Cape Town). More than 290 staff are employed by the business and include numerous technical personnel; befitting the nature of its business activities; including various engineers and engineering technicians of varying disciplines.